Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Gotta Catch Up....

So I guess it's been about a month since I've posted.  So sorry about that!!  I have several reasons for that:

1.  Laptop is not working.  Sitting at the desktop kills my neck and shoulders.

2.  Awesome new meds for my ADD.  I have so much more energy so I'm cleaning out the house, garage, you name it.

3.  There haven't been any awesome deals lately.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Busy, Busy Day

I've been a busy little bee today and I'm stressed to the max. (I'm actually typing this at a Girl Scout meeting)  I started cleaning out some items yesterday and continued today.  Hours and hours of cleaning.  I plan on having a garage sale because I found so much stuff!  Already priced it too.  I'm not even done.  But for today I'm finished. Is it time for bed yet?

Costume SuperCenter - 2 Days Only 20% Off with Code


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Thanks Couponing to Disney

Monday, October 3, 2011

More Info About Ebates

Ebates offers cash back on purchases you make when you click through a store’s link from Ebates’s site.
  • The percent of your purchase that you will receive as cash back will vary by store and be listed on each page.
  • When you sign up for Ebates and then make a purchase of $25 or more within the first 30 days, you will recieve a $5 sign-up bonus.
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  • The two main ways to get paid is via a check that they mail or PayPal.
  • Most cash back rewards are credited within 48 hours of your purchase. Some stores, however, cannot confirm your purchase until the return period has elapsed and may take up to thirty days to confirm your cash back.

Right now you can receive 3% cash back from AVON.  Hint, Hint!

Thanks Krazy Coupon Lady

FREE Box of John Frieda Hair Colour!

Hurry, this is a new offer and it will go quick!! Hurry on over, answer a few questions correctly qualify for a Free Box of John Frieda Hair Colour Click on the John Frieda box – if it’s not there then use the arrows.  Answer correctly such as – all over home and salon, Frizz ease, loreal color; will allow you to qualify for it!

Thanks Mojo Savings

ALDI - Pumpkins $1.99 and 99 Cents for Canned Pumpkin

Fall is my favoritest season of all. Now my favoritest store of all has pumpkins for $1.99 and canned pumpkin for $0.99.  Yay ALDI!!!!

Win a $5000 Savings Bond for the Cute Baby in Your Life

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It's EASY to enter. Complete the entry form and upload a photo of your cute baby, aged newborn to 24 months.  Go to Tiny Tillia and, if you don't mind, mention Julie King, Alabama as your AVON representative.  Thanks!

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Sunday, October 2, 2011

New Blockbuster Express Codes!

Get the popcorn ready for movie night.  Here's a few codes to get you FREE movie rentals!
• Free Rental Code: 23ABDP3 (expires 10/7/11)
• Free Rental Code: 26SLRH3 (expires 10/7/11)
• Free Rental Code: 32KRFT3 (expires 10/7/11)
• Free Rental Code: 39MAYB8 (expires 10/7/11)
• Free Rental Code: 43DWTM5 (expires 10/7/11)
• Free Rental Code: 46JMMF3 (expires 10/7/11)
• Free Rental Code: 5450BW6 (expires 10/7/11)
• Free Rental Code: 87MMKC9 (expires 10/7/11)
• Free Rental Code: 7RZPIV (expires 11/8/11)
• Free Rental Code: K8XY0P (expires 11/8/11)
• Free Rental Code: LAL4OR (expires 11/8/11)
• Free Rental Code: N4FUNV (expires 11/8/11)

83 Days Till Christmas!!

Are you ready to start your Christmas shopping?  If so, you've come to the right place!  AVON's Christmas Catalog and Brochures are out!  Pick up many stocking stuffers for less than 99 cents or gifts for everyone.  The first person who orders from me and mentions this blog will win a 2012 Calendar from AVON plus a 10% discount on their order.  Order today!!  My link is http://julieking.avonrepresentative.com/

Thanks everyone and look for more deals and giveaways soon!

CVS - Print your Summer Extra Care Bucks

CVS is printing your Summer Extra Care Bucks.  It's like getting free money!!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Shopping with Julie - Dollar Tree

Sorry for the sideways picture.  Just tilt your head to the left and you should be fine!

Anyways, this is my trip to the wonderful store known as Dollar Tree.  I'm on a very tight $50 budget for the groceries this week.

  DD is a wonderful little cook. helper, crafter, etc.  I honestly think she will be the next Martha Stewart. I've been checking out all kinds of recipe books from the library for sloe cookers, less fat - blah, blah, blah.  I have been a Hungry Girl fan forever. She has these yummy, but diet friendly, recipes (check her out!) I found some recipes that I want DD and me to try out.  Hence, the not quite so normal ingredients.

Here's my totals:

A box of Oat & Honey Granola Bars (for my hunny)
Garlic Bread (for tonight's dinner)
Chocolate Syrup(actually chocolate flavored it says)
2 Boxes of Dark Chocolate Raisinets (for recipes)
Bag of Honey Smack type cereal (also for a recipe)

Total: $6.60 with tax.  Sounds good to me!

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50% Off at Pac Sun, FREE Shipping, + 5% Cash Back

Borrowed from Hip2Save.com

Currently, Pac Sun is having a 50% Off Clearance Sale and offering up some great bargains on their already reduced merchandise (discount applied automatically at checkout)!  Even sweeter, today is Free Shipping Friday which means that every order ships FREE!  I spotted this Essential Double Scoop Cami in the Sale section marked down to only $4.99 (reg. $12.50), so only $2.49 shipped after the 50% discount!

I also spotted these cute O’Neill Patricia Sandals in the Sale section marked down to $14.99 (reg. $32.50), so only $7.49 shipped!  Not too shabby!  There are a lot of items on sale, so be sure to look around and come back and let us know what you score!

Go through Ebates to get 5% cash back!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

AVON Clearance on Christmas Items - Order Quick!

My beloved AVON has 39 items in their Christmas Clearance.  Items range from $1.49 to $69.00. Here's a few of my faves: 

Holiday Bath Time Body Paint
SAVE 25% While Supplies
Holiday Bath Time Body Paint   
SAVE 60% While Supplies Last
3-Piece Enchanted Holiday Nailwear Collection
Reg. $9.99
Sale $3.99
Reg. $1.99
Sale $1.49

mark Juicy Details Lemon Sugar Gift Set
SAVE 40% While Supplies Last
Reg. $9.99
Sale $5.99

Click on the widget below to browse or my web page http://julieking.avonrepresentative.com/

Also like my page on Facebook for updates on specials, promos, and giveaways.  Coming soon!

P.S.  I don't know why my typing became so tiny during the middle of this post.  Hmmm?

90% Off Gardening Supplies at Big Lots

According to Birmingham Bargain Mom,  Big Lots has their summer garden and patio items marked down to 90% right now.  I went last week and the mark downs were at 75%.  Wish I had a little extra money.  Going to start organic garden #3 and hopes it will be successful for once!

big lots Pictures, Images and Photos

How to Use Freecycle

I signed up for Freecycle about six months ago when a dear friend told me about it. Below is an article from The Krazy Coupon Lady

Freecycle: A Fast Way to Free Stuff

May you receive many free items! 

Wise Advice From One of America's Top Moms: Michelle Duggar

I absolutely love 19 Kids and Counting.  The Duggar Family is such an inspiration to myself and millions of others.  Below is an article she wrote for TLC's Parentables:


You can buy their latest book, A Love That Multiplies or their first book, The Duggars: 20 and Counting!: Raising One of America's Largest Families--How they Do It from Amazon.com.  Click on one of the Amazon banners on the right side of this page to order.  I've read both and they are very inspirational.

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Happy Searching!

Extreme Couponing Done Right

Borrowed from: A Few Short Cuts

When it comes to couponing there is a right way and a wrong way to save money.  While grand expectations are painted on the television.  Things are not always what they appear.  Like many things, the T.V. exaggerates reality.  Couponing is a great way to save your family money in this economy, but it isn’t in this extreme fashion that we all benefit.  Here are some tips to “Extreme Coupon” the right way.
  • Match Coupons with Store sales- This is the key to maximizing your savings. If Dole Salad is on sale for $0.99 and you have a $0.75 Coupon. It makes that just $0.24!

  • Look for coupons- Coupons are everywhere. In your Sunday paper, store circular, store shelves, packaging, online and more.  Keep your eyes out for savings.

  • Buy Multiple Papers- If one $0.75 off coupon gets you a $0.24 bag of salad.  Two coupons would get you two bags.  The rule of thumb is one paper for each person in your household.  Obviously on a bad coupon week you would not buy 5 papers.

  • DO NOT Clear shelves- Do not clear shelves.  Just because you have 10 coupons for toothpaste that makes it free does not mean you need to purchase every tube the store has.  Leave some for others, or special order large amounts with the store manager.

  • Be Friendly- Please be considerate of others.  If you have a large pile of coupons warn others behind you in line.  Be friendly to the cashier and please be patient.  Bad attitudes are a stereotype of couponers for a reason. Also if you plan to use coupons alot make friends with your store manager.  This helps…trust me!

  • Donate- Once you start saving with coupons you will find you have more than your family can use. Please donate extra items to local churches, and food pantries.  These items can be used by many!

  • Share- You are so excited about learning how to save.  Share the knowledge, share your coupons, and share your savings.  I love leaving coupons on the shelves at the grocery store!

90 % Off Restaurant.com Certificates + 15% Cash Back From Ebates

Above, some healthy tips for dining out.  Back to the subject, going through Ebates, you can get 90% off Restaurant.com gift certificates. That means a $25 certificate for $1.00!!  My family and I use these frequently and it's nice to eat at local restaurants for a huge discount.

Also, when you sign up for Ebates, you will receive a $10 gift card to Target, Barnes & Noble, The Home Depot, or Magazines.com.  Another option is $5 deposited in your Ebates account.

Click one of the Ebates links in this post or click on the Ebates button on the right side of this blog under the Christmas tree!!  Hee, hee!

FREE Samples Delivered to Your Inbox Everyday

The greatest couponing magazine ever, ALL YOU, give away free samples and/or coupons delivered to your inbox every single day!  I have gotten some really nice samples from ALL YOU but you have to be quick because sometimes they go quick!

ALL YOU Daily Free Samples

3% Cash Back from Aeropostale through Ebates

Another great Ebates deal.  3% Cash Back at Aeropostale !  They have amazing clearance deals like $9.99 jeans and $5.99 tees.  Stock up now at these great prices!

Happy Shopping.  Also, when you sign up for Ebates, you will receive a $10 gift card to Target, Barnes & Noble, The Home Depot, or Magazines.com.  Another option is $5 deposited in your Ebates account.

FREE Greeting Card & Shipping - 1st 10,000 - Hurry!

Free Greeting Card + FREE Shipping

Here’s a great greeting card freebie that you get to personalize! Use coupon code FBFC929 at the checkout to get a free greeting card and free shipping from The Card Store. You can create a fun Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Birthday card, the possibilities are endless. First 10,000 only.

Source:  Mommy Saves

FREE Cookie This Saturday 10/1 from 10 AM to 2 PM

October is National Cookie Month (Yay!!!) and National Book Month (Double yay!!). Great American Cookies is celebrating by giving away a FREE cookie when you bring a new or gently used book to participating locations.  Check the link below for more information and locations.

Great American Cookies

Happy Eating!

Possible 6 Inserts in This Sunday's Paper

Just a heads up, it is rumoured there will be 6 coupon inserts in this Sundays paper!!  I hope it contains oodles of good coupons.  Haven't seen any really good coupons in a while.  Curse Extreme Couponing!

FREE Sample of Bee Pollen

My DH has terrible allergies.  Bless his heart, he really suffers this time of year.  I don't know much about the power of Bee Pollen but it is reported to: contain all essential amino acids, Vitamins A, B Complex series C, D, E, K and Rutin, 28 Minerals, and more. Below is a link for a free sample of Bee Pollen.  I hope it helps!

Pollen Power

God Bless You!

FREE Coffee at Krispy Kreme Today!

Today's National Coffee Day.  In honor of this grand occasion, Krispy Kreme is giving away a FREE 12 oz. cup of House Blend Coffee today 9/29.

Happy Dance!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

FREE $2 Amazon MP3 Credit

Get a free $2 Amazon.com from Amazon.com  when you type in coupon code FALLMP3S.

Just click Amazon on the right side of this page and take it from there!

New Blockbuster Codes!

Here’s a new FREE rental code for Blockbuster Express machines. You might want to reserve your movie online so you can test this code to make sure it works for you.

Valid through 9/28:
FERRELL (Valid on Will Ferrell Movies Only.)

Valid through 9/30:

Valid through 10/3:

Plus you can also register for Blockbuster Express emails and get a code for a free rental!
Remember these codes are limit 1 per credit card. Movies are due by 9 pm the following day to avoid having to pay an additional $1 to rent the movie another 24 hours.

Source:  Couponing to Disney

Weekly Publix Trip

Here's my totals for today!

Publix Kettle Corn & Butter Popcorn B1G1 Free     -2.19
Kraft Pudding Packs (Chocolate & Vanilla)              -1.98
Publix Skim Milk                                                      -3.99
3 Lbs. Gala Apples                                                  -2.99
Sundown Vitamin D                                                 -2.99
2 Chef Boyardee Whole Grain Beefaroni                  -1.49
2 Fage Greek Yogurts                                              -2.50
Armor Lunch Kit                                                      -1.34
2 Pillsbury Simply Biscuits                                         -2.50
2 Pears                                                                     -0.90
Idaho Au Gratin Potatoes                                          -1.34
Hunt's Ketchup                                                         -1.23
2 Snackwell Cereal Bars                                           -2.99
Publix Vanilla Wafers                                                -1.85
4 Apple & Eve 8 pack Juice Boxes                           -10.00

Minus Store Coupons                                               -10.99
Vendor Coupons                                                      -6.98
Special Price Savings                                                -15.06

Grand Total with Tax                                                -25.24

                         SAVINGS $33.03
Yay!!  I'll write a post later telling you why I need some of the different ingredients I bought.

1/2 Price Boots at Target

75% off all over the store!!  Womens, Girls, what's left of the back to school items.  Saw some Green Works Toilet Bowl Cleaner for $1.74.  Would be an amazing deal if there's a coupon somewhere to be found.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Order Now for Weekend Delivery - AVON

Order now for weekend delivery and stock up on Halloween treats!

Publix Deaks starting Wednesday September 28th

Publix - One of my favorite stores.  I love stacking my coupons, buy one get one free deals, using competitor's coupons.  Oh, I could go on and on.  Listed below is a link to Passionate Penny Pincher's website highlighting the best deals starting tomorrow.

Passionate Penny Pincher Mission-Minded-Deals

Happy Shopping!

Friday, September 23, 2011

FREE Movie Rentals

There are a couple of new Blockbuster Express Movie Rental codes. They are:

These codes expire September 23 and are valid on the $1 dvd rentals:


LAS993 -this one expires 9/25

These expire Sept. 26th:

Source  Mojo Savings

Menu for the Week

Having a menu printed last week really helped me stick to my guns.  I ran my errands today.  Didn't have too many deals so I decided not to post what I got.  Here's what I'm having next week:



Fall is here and it finally feels like it here in Alabama.  It's also football time and nothing goes better with football and cooler temperatures than chili.


We always eat out on Sunday after morning and evening services.  Living about 30 minutes from church, it's the most convenient way to eat for us.


My favorite, Greek Chicken
Instant Mashed Potatoes
Green Beans


Lentil Casserole - recipe from The Tightwad Gazette (I highly recommend this book)


Dine out - Headed to church, save time by grabbing something quick


My husband's favorite (Ha! Ha!)  Leftovers

ADD, Me?

I had my well awaited doctor's appointment yesterday.  It took almost three hours!  Her diagnosis: ADD.  If you know me, I am very laid back unless I'm stressed out.  It didn't make sense.  Till I read this:

Adults with ADD/ADHD often have difficulty staying focused and attending to daily, mundane tasks. For example, you may be easily distracted by irrelevant sights and sounds, quickly bounce from one activity to another, or become bored quickly. Symptoms in this category are sometimes overlooked because they are less outwardly disruptive than the ADD/ADHD symptoms of hyperactivity and impulsivity—but they can be every bit as troublesome. The symptoms of inattention and concentration difficulties include:
  • “zoning out” without realizing it, even in the middle of a conversation.
  • extreme distractibility; wandering attention makes it hard to stay on track.
  • difficulty paying attention or focusing, such as when reading or listening to others.
  • struggling to complete tasks, even ones that seem simple.
  • tendency to overlook details, leading to errors or incomplete work.
  • poor listening skills; hard time remembering conversations and following directions.
Source:  http://helpguide.org/mental/adhd_add_adult_symptoms.htm#signs

Then it really made sense.  Notice how one day I'll post 5 entries and then two or three days will go by before I post a snapshot.

Was prescribed Vyvnase. As of right now, my insurance won't cover it because I'm too old (Ha, Ha!).  After a manufacturer's discount, it will still be $80.  80 dollars.  $5 a pill.  Will have to do without for a few days.  I'm just ready for all this to end.  Keep praying, friends.

Your Fairy Godmother

Flylady is my hero!  If you have never heard of her fabulousness, click here and be amazed.

She offers simple ways to get your house clean and organized in little as 15 minutes a day.  Plus it's free!

FREE Pizza!!

Go to Domino's Pizza Facebook page, click on New Artisan Pizza tab on the left of page, and follow the directions.  I just noticed all the free pizzas are gone today but try again tomorrow!  I actually won.  Yay!!

Snapshot #7

Lock Keeper's House - Washington DC

Walmart Deal!

24 pack of Pepsi Products are $6.98 with a $1 peelie on the outside.  Makes it $5.98 or 25 cents a piece!